Libertarians Urge Lockdown Protest

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The Libertarian Party of Ulster County proposes that registration in the Libertarian Party provides the most effective way to protest our current lockdown culture.

Many measures taken in response to Covid-19 have been unprecedented. The State has quarantined healthy people, closed businesses deemed unessential, restricted freedom to assemble and to travel, closed our schools and public spaces, promoted a climate of fear rather than one of confidence. The effects on the economy and public health have been devastating, and they continue. 

Another measure of the lockdowns’ effects is the state of our First Amendment freedoms. Officials pressure the media to cancel speech of which they disapprove. We cannot assemble or attend church as before. Protesters are labeled terrorists. 

While many means of protest are now closed to us or are unpopular or difficult, registration in the Libertarian Party quietly informs those in power that we want our freedom back. No other form of protest is as direct, clear, and targeted.

Liberty is our most vital birthright. The Libertarian Party is proud to embrace the word liberty, its philosophy, and the literature supporting it.

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