About Us

About the Ulster County Libertarian Party

The purpose of the Ulster County Libertarian Party is to promote the following principles and policies by engaging in political action, coordinating the activities of Libertarian Party members within Ulster County, and by vetting, endorsing, nominating, supporting, and electing Libertarian ballot candidates to public office.

  • We believe in the Non-Aggression Principle, where no person or institution has the right to initiate force or fraud against another.
  • We openly accept different lifestyles, provided that no one unduly forces lifestyle choices upon others.
  • We recognize that the only moral purpose of government is the preservation of individual rights and liberties.
  • We are advocates of the voluntary exchange of goods and services, as it is essential for a free and prosperous society of diverse beliefs.
  • We resolutely believe that every cognizant person owns themselves and their property, has the right of reciprocal voluntary free association with other persons, and has a fundamental sovereign right to those privileges without infringement from any other entity, public or private.
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